A good couple of years back I had the idea to write a musical. I started the script and then felt dissatisfied with the progress. The idea was there but I lacked the inspiration. So as opposed to writing music to a script, I decided to start the other way around and create the music first. Below are some very rough instrumental demos of character songs. All the music  was created by me, and though some songs were written on guitar and then transposed to orchestra, most were experimental spur-of-the-moment creations.
Darlings of Requiem is set in fictional Mantova, and follows  the story of  The Wonderful Lazarinni, a  travelling puppeteer renowned for his  incredibly “life-like" dolls.  When Mantova's Mayor sees the show, he is so mesmerized that he vows to build a theatre for an "indefinite" run.

What nobody knows is that Lazarinni is a disguised evil magician who trapped the souls of dying women inside the puppets, cursed for eternity unless they escape before midnight on the very day of the Theatre's grand opening.