As you know, full novels take quite a while to write, edit, re-write, throw into a corner out of desperation, re-read it in a few months, and then edit for final draft. But below are some short extracts of some of the novels I've written. Just to give you a taste. 
  1. Victor in Heaven
    (completed, in editing) A group of Victorian circus freaks make a deal with Death; in return for doing his dirty work, they will be granted Utopia. But there is a catch, a hefty price to pay if they back down.
  2. The Chastise of Aprella
    (in writing) Legend says that once every hundred years blooms a golden rose, guarded by the forest witch. If you manage to get it, you will be rich for the rest of your life. But if the witch catches you, all the fairy-tale creatures in the land will turn evil.
  3. Agravin
    (in writing) In hopes of implementing harsher forms of torture interrogation, the government has approved of Project Agravin, a pharmaceutical partnership that creates pills containing mental illnesses. But when things get out of control, war breaks between those seeking the truth, and those wanting to hide it.