When I was 14, I read Stephen King's The Shining, and with time discovered that reading horror stories were the only way for me to go to sleep. I started obsessing with the genre around the same time I started obsessing with all things of human psychology. 

Cut to 2014 when I  saw the documentary "Why Horror?" by filmmakers Nicolas Kleiman and Rob Lindsay.  It really made me think about the paradox of loving the sensation of fear, of something that could potentially harm you (the general theory is that we seek fear in order to "get used to" events and be ready for when they happen. An immunity of sorts.)
Fear is relative, but that doesn't mean that it can't be generalised. I wrote my dissertation with this in mind, focusing primarily on the psychoevolutionary approach to fear, one that argues that there are several universal "triggers" of fear that humans respond to as it it implanted into our subconscious by years of evolution. 

I'm not saying that I have found the secret to the scariest story, or that my stories will leave you sleepless for days.

But I try. 

Short Stories